Dow’s Toxic Legacy in Bhopal

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1984 saw the biggest industrial disaster in human history. A Union Carbide factory in Bhopal leaked toxic gas, killing 7-10,000 people in just a few days. Today the death toll has reached at least 25,000, and an estimated 500,000 have been affected. Survivors suffer extreme health problems, the groundwater is contaminated, and birth defects in Bhopal are many times higher than the average in India.

In 2001, Union Carbide (UCC) was bought by Dow Chemical, so the responsibility to adequately compensate the gas victims, clean up the site and compensate those poisoned by the contaminated water falls to Dow.

Now Dow are sponsoring the London Olympics, gaining millions of pounds of contracts and boosting their reputation. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) is supposed to promote environmental, social and ethical issues, but Dow is responsible for this ongoing humanitarian and environmental disaster.

 LOCOG needs to Drop Dow Now

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The Justice Element

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This video is a response made by the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal to Dow Chemical’s “The Human Element.”

While Dow will be enjoying goodwill and recognition through their Olympic sponsorship contract until the year 2020, Bhopalis continue to suffer disease and drink poisoned water.

This video seeks to show the truth behind Dow’s attractive but deceitful propaganda as seen in “The Human Element,” and provides viewers with a way to act and demand justice.

International Candlelit Vigils in Solidarity with the People of Bhopal

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An internationally coordinated candlelit vigil was held on August 28th to mark the beginning of the Paralympic torch relay. The London Paralympics are sponsored by Dow Chemical, the company now responsible for the ongoing environmental and humanitarian tragedy in Bhopal. It is a travesty that Dow has been welcomed as a Paralympic sponsor, and so we held these vigils in solidarity with the people of Bhopal.

Copyright David Hoffman

Copyright David Hoffman


Copyright David Hoffman

The vigil was supported by Navin Shah AM, who marched with the people of Bhopal.

Navin Shah and Bhopali activists in Bhopal, India

Supporters around the world from the UK, the US, Australia and India all joined in the international vigil.

Australian vigil


Vigil in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


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This is a short film made about the Bhopal disaster, and the work surrounding it that is still going on. Worth 20 minutes of your time!

International Day of Solidarity – 28th August

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Drop Dow Now are hosting an international day of solidarity on the 28th of August, supported by a wide range of groups across the world. There will be candlelit vigils taking place all over the globe, including Bhopal, London, Australia, Scotland, and locations in the USA.


Get involved by having your own vigil and sending us pictures or video so that we can put them on the site and make this a truly worldwide event.


Find out more here.

Dow’s Wake Up Call

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Several activists met this morning in Mayfair outside the Four Seasons hotel to deliver a wake up call to Dow staff as they eat breakfast in the glass fronted restaurant.

They were dressed in white boiler-suits representing the ongoing toxic hazards of the factory site in Bhopal where deadly gas leaked in 1984, and carried banners demanding justice for Bhopal from the Dow executives.

Although they were moved on by police, they managed to get a solid message across to those inside, with bold messaging and a clear visual statement.

Dow’s Wake up Call

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Dow Executives are staying in the Mayfair Four Seasons Hotel; nearest tube stations Hyde Park Corner and Green Park. See you there tomorrow!


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There’s now a new ‘solutionism’ in town – have a look at this great subversive version of the Dow Chemical website.


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