Drop Dow Now is supporting the Counter Olympics Network demo, 28th July

Whose Games? Whose City?

Facebook event here

ASSEMBLE: 12 noon, Saturday 28 July,
Mile End Park, East London (nearest tube Mile End) March to Victoria Park for a Peoples Games For All.

No Limos! No Logos! No Launchers!

Two million free tickets for the rich. Corporate sponsors that profit from sweatshops, poison local people, and pollute the planet. Roads turned into exclusive highways for VIPs.

Ground-to-air missiles on rooftops. Public spaces taken over, small businesses sidelined, local residents evicted. Police harassment of young people.

Our rulers have turned the London 2012 Olympics into a showcase for class privilege, corporate power, and their so-called ‘war on terror’. While cutting welfare, privatising the NHS, and bailing out the banks, they plan to use the Games to trumpet the message that austerity Britain is content and open for business.

The Olympics have been hijacked by an arrogant elite of career politicians and millionaires. They have spent £12 billion of our money to broadcast their vision of a neoliberal world run by the corporations and the rich.

We do not consent to austerity, privilege, and profiteering. We oppose total policing and the militarisation of London. We reject Cameron and Coe’s corporate Games.

Join the campaign. Build the protest.
Bring colleagues, friends, and family.

CALLED BY: Counter Olympics Network

SUPPORTED BY: Brent Trades Council, Hackney Trades Council, Haringey Trades Council, Islington Trades Council, Lewisham Trades Council, Waltham Forest Trades Council, Coalition of Resistance, Disabled People Against Cuts, Drop Dow Now, Stop the Olympic Missiles, Save Leyton Marsh Campaign, Wanstead Flats Campaign, G4S Campaign, UK Tar Sands Network, London Mining Network, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, Counterfire, Defend the Right to Protest, Blacklist Support Group, Games Monitor, Our Olympics, ALARM, OCCUPY London, Athletes Against Dow Chemical’s Olympic Sponsorship, Badhoc, East London Against Arms Fairs, Hackney Green Party, Hackney Woodcraft Folk, Jewish Socialist Group, Lewisham Stop the War, Netpol, Space Hijackers, and more


~ by dropdownow on July 10, 2012.

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