Why is Dow involved in this?

Union Carbide (UCC) was operating the plant at the time of the disaster. The CEO of Union Carbide, Warren Anderson, had signed off the site’s existence despite the fact that it was untested technology and toxic chemicals. The decisions about cutbacks and safety measures were made by central management, by UCC.

In 2001, UCC was merged into Dow Chemical. This means that UCC was 100% incorporated into Dow. All of UCC’s assets, but also all of its liabilities, became Dow’s.  Therfore the responsibility to adequately compensate the gas victims, clean up the site and compensate those poisoned by the contaminated water now falls to Dow.

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2 Responses to “Why is Dow involved in this?”

  1. I read an article that Tomm F. Sprick works for Union Carbide and knows the name of the person who caused the accident. So he says Dow is not responsible. Why doesn’t he reveal who actually did it and stop all of the bad press against Dow?

    • Dow Chemical bought the subsidiary, Union Carbide, in 2001. Union Carbide were responsible for the disaster, therefore when Dow subsumed UC, they took on its assets and also the responsibility for Bhopal – Dow gets deservedly bad press.

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